About Deep Health CBD Products

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide relevant products, information for safe access, and use of medical hemp derived cannabis products to our customers.  We want to assist our customers by providing a variety of targeted natural cannabinoid formulations for use in either a pilltincture, lotion, or other form. We want to provide alternative products to replace addictive opiates and other narcotics for pain control.

Our Promise

At Boulder BioSciences, the creators of Deep Health CBD Products, we put science behind every product we make. We have done our own research to confirm that our Deep Health CBD products work and we honor that with an unconditional, refund guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, just mail the unused portion back to us with your name and address for a full refund.

What we can do to assist you

We have created our own brand of hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) containing products. Since we produce our own extract material, we can control the quality of our products.

In addition we are able to provide:

  • Private labeled products customized to our clients’ specifications
  • Develop custom formulations

We only use source material from trusted partners and follow GMP practices in our product manufacturing.

About BBS

Boulder Biosciences, the team that helps create Deep Health CBD products, has a strong foundation; our staff has combined experience in pharmaceuticals, research & development, and manufacturing.

Our principles as scientists and engineers that have worked in allied industries for years providing services to consult cannabis facilities around the nation.

We have turned our talent and attention to creating truly effective hemp-derived cannabinoid formulations.  We envision that our products will be used for natural relief of pain, health support and healing, and stress relief. We started, as all good scientists should, with a review of the scientific literature available. After the review, we set up our laboratory and clinical experiments to determine what formulations would work best. We first tried different formulations ourselves, and then our friends and family wanted to participate. Through this initial feedback, we derived our flagship Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA) products.  We found that CBDA was very effective for somatic pain and inflammation for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic neuropathic pain, inflammation, and other similar health issues. Our goal was never to be the biggest supplier, but the best supplier of hemp based cannabinoid products by applying the scientific method to our work. We plan to grow by  keeping up to date on recent clinical reports and the  real experiences people have with cannabis based products.

We are located in Boulder, Colorado. Our mailing address is PO Box 3836, Boulder, CO 80306

Our Analytical Capabilities

Unlike other CBD vendors, we have our own staff and facilities to create our products. Our capabilities include chemists, an  extraction facility, and a analytical and formulation lab so that we can control all of the steps of our product processing to ensure the highest quality for our customers. We source our hemp from Colorado cultivators so we can inspect their fields to ensure that they are growing the hemp organically.  Our extraction process retains all of the natural cannabinoids originally within the plant. Boulder BioSciences, the creators of Deep Health CBD products, produces extremely high quality CBD and CBDA extract and we use the extract to create formulations with both cannabinoids to target our customers’ needs. Since we own our own high-performance liquid chromatography analyzer (HPLC), we are able to analyze our starting material, in-process material, working formulations, and final products to ensure product consistency and quality. We analyze each batch of extract for potency and in-house quality control, and additionally, we use a third-party laboratory to confirm our results.

We are extremely fortunate to have teamed with one of the most reputable chemical analytical companies, Shimadzu. Not only have they helped us refine our HPLC method, but we are able to conduct conformational analysis using a separate technique, gas chromatography-mass spectrophotometry analysis (GC-MS). With these abilities, we are absolutely certain that our analyses achieves precision and accuracy for our products.