Sleep and Anxiety

Try our Deep Health CBD Capsules and Tincture for relieving anxiety and help with sleeping. With this subscription, you will receive a one month supply for free. You can easily cancel at any time after subscribing by managing your subscription from your account or emailing us at

Capsules are useful for those who want a full night’s sleep without interruptions as well as general anxiety throughout the day. Tinctures are useful for getting to sleep and anxiety flare-ups on an as-needed basis.

For $1 – $3 a day, you can be relaxed and have a feeling of well being to overcome your anxiety as well as achieve a better night’s rest.

For more information about CBD, visit Frequently Asked Questions or Scientific Literature.

We recommend starting with the 25 or 50 mg CBD capsules or 600 mg tincture if you have not tried our products in the past. For more options, visit our capsules page or tinctures page.